Thursday, June 8, 2017

How do I get my dog to stop chewing our shoes?

Shoes are a unique combo of everything your dog loves: they’re chewy and smell like the dog's human "parents". Chewing your shoes COULD be considered a compliment if they didn’t cost so much!
It begins with a sniff. Then, a few innocent licks, and before you know it a full “chew on” is in motion. Most dogs feel a little guilty after they’ve destroyed your shoe. Honestly, they didn’t MEAN to do it.  They KNOW you don’t eat shoes. They only meant to experience it a just “little” bit.

We believe there are 3 causes of shoe chewing: Temptation, Loneliness and Boredom.
Remove Temptation
Because it’s an addictive behavior, you’re just going to have to remember to put your shoes away. For that matter, your dog may resort to chewing on other things that smell like you, so clothes are another target. Imagine how neat your bedroom is going to look!
To control the cravings, give your dog something else to gnaw on such as a Kong or a Nylabone toy. Because rawhide smells A LOT like shoe leather, please don’t give him a rawhide chew! It will only serve to confuse him.
Replace Loneliness
He’s chewing on your shoes because he misses you! We often leave our furry family members alone for 8-10 hours at a stretch which is a long lonely day for these social creatures. Dog daycare may be a great substitute for those days you can’t be home. Or, perhaps consider getting her a friend who stops by in the middle of the day for a quick toss of the ball, a belly rub and a treat.
Ban Boredom
Just like your neighborhood teen, your dog needs a job. When your dog has something else to focus his attention and energy on, besides your stilettos, and the problem goes away. Ask your dog to do something for you. A friend of ours asks her dog to keep their house safe. So, she periodically asks him to look out the window and let the neighbors know that the house is protected by the meanest chocolate Labrador in town!

We hope these tips help!