Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Canine Care For Maryland Summers

The sun is out, the air is warm, lawns are green, and the breeze whisks in the welcomed aromas of the local rivers and our beloved Chesapeake Bay. Ingredients of our Maryland Summers have a special appeal to those living in Anne Arundel County --- canines are not excluded! We've compiled a summary of solutions to every day health and wellness concerns specifically for the summertime.

Daily Outdoor Care
Whether you accompany your pooch on their daily walk or they accompany you on your daily jog, we recommend you keep the following in mind:

Paws on Hot Surfaces
Asphalt, concrete, gravel, brick, and sand all retain high levels of heat making the exposed skin of paws vulnerable to cracks and burns, often without us realizing it. Protective paw wear adds a layer of protection that keep the pads of feet safe while freeing us up to not have to worry about them. And for paws that need soothing from a day outdoors, applying topical ointments and creams on agitated paws easily brings much needed relief.
Nose Burn
Yep. Your dog's nose can get sunburnt, especially if it's light in color --- a very uncomfortable scenario for Fido. Canine versions of sunscreen only takes a second to protect their sniffers and absorbs quickly so not to get licked off. 

Preventive Lawn Care
No one survives a Maryland Summer without being confronted with ticks. In addition to tick preventive treatment for your dog (topical solutions, sprays, powders, collars, shampoos, pills and treats), you can stay one step ahead of these diseased pests by also relieve your lawn with a tick preventive lawn treatment. Speaking of relieving, dissolving a mild additive in your pup's water bowl keeps your lawn beautiful by reducing urine acid, minimizing the glare of dead grass patches. 

Out, About, Around Town
Planning an outdoor day trip? Like most dog owners, you might want to bring your buddy along for the adventure.

Keep Kuul
It's extremely easy to accidently dehydrate your dog by not offering enough water breaks or cool environments. Portable water bowls are simple solutions that come in convenient soft and plastic carriers, while cooling coats, cooling blankets, and cooling collars can help keep body temperature down. 

Pack That Back
Your dog can help tote the extra goodies with a fitted canine back pack! 

Water Water Everywhere
Just like Anne Arundel County residents are hard-pressed to not run into one of the Chesapeake Bay's many creeks and rivers, Anne Arundel County dogs are hard-pressed not to be tempted to splash around in one of them. Life preservers, exit ramps for boats (and deep-ended pools!), and water toys are popular musts, especially for famous water dogs. Keep in mind, too, that while we all continue to do our part to minimize local waterway pollution, it's a good idea your dog follows the same precautions you do with any open wounds before allowing them to swim. 

Life After Sunset
Night time safety doesn't have kill the summer spirit!

Reflective Wear
Strapping on reflective safety gear like a vest or ankle straps on your dog is quick, easy, and helps driver-byers be mindful of your dog's whereabouts at night. 

LED Glow Accessories
Integrating the convenience of technology, LED lighted collars, leashes, balls, and frisbees all have the option of glowing at night, extending the summer fun before bedtime.