Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boxer Fun Day 2015


Last weekend's Boxer Fun Day was a super success. Hosted by Potomac Boxer Club and held at Hog Dog Productions in Millersville, the day included a number of dog training demos (obedience, manners for more dominant dogs, nose work, agility), AKC sanctioned Boxer dog show matches (puppies and adults) that were judged by Boxer experts (kind of like "mini" Westminster dog show for local Boxers), various doggie games (apple bobbing, find the human and find the treat hide and seek games, group play), rescue storytelling time (meeting and greeting adoptable/adopted boxers), a costume contest, vendors, and a silent auction and raffle with 19 different prizes! A portion of the proceeds were donated to Adopt A Boxer Rescue.

This is a hide and seek game with treats. 
A treat is hidden under one of the many baskets, 
and the dog has to sniff it out and find it.

Lee and Mark, co-owners of All For The Pet, had a blast visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. As founder and director of the event, Lee kept the flow of the event going and was also one of the judges for one of the Boxer dog show matches. Meanwhile, All For The Pet's Marissa and new hubby, Brett, helped to pass out Boxer Fun Day bandanas and dog treat samples at our booth. Special thanks to the many volunteers from the Potomac Boxer Club to help prepare for the day, as well as to the many sponsors and vendors! Scroll below for Fun Day photos!

Pope Mobile with Newman as the Pope (right) who was accompanied by security with Roger as the guard (left). Newman and Roger are two of a pack of three dogs bred by Lee and Mark and are owned by the same owners. When Newman and Roger are together with Thelma Lou (an English Bulldog, not pictured), they're known as the Katandy Triple Threat!
Some of the costume contest participants.
Boxers weren't the only dogs there! Here, a Belgian Malinois gives the crowd one of the many dog training demonstrations.
This is Stretch, a Corgi, with his owner (and one of our regular customers). Don't let the wheels fool you --- Stretch got around and was having a dog-gone good time.
This is Chopper with his owners. Chopper was one of Lee's students in a dog training class ten years ago. Today, he's over 12-years old, but still going strong.
Anyone remember Coal? The young Boxer who likes to explore and greet people at the store? The one we recently Facebooked about? Well, here he is with Lee (left), his owner (middle), and Mark (right), waiting for what's next!
Marissa and her new hubby, Brett, supervising the All For The Pet booth.
This is Molly visiting from Adopt a Boxer Rescue. As her vest says, she's available for adoption!

Nineteen prizes generously donated by our sponsors were raffled off toward the end of the day. 

Potomac Boxer Club members who attended the event.

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